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El Paso is the Gold standard in handmade boots. Real. Comfortable. Boots. Best fit and Quality for 4 generations! Browse, have fun, and start your collection now!

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Our family has been making boots for 4 generations. Coming to El Paso, Texas from Leon, Mexico creating "Champion" Boot Co. the family brand. My father in-law brought bootmaking to the forefront of industry to El Paso by setting up factories for big names in Boots back in the 60's.  Why? because we had the best craftsman, and he became a well known consultant. We made boots for all the legends in bootmaking, John Justin, Enid Nocona, Dan Post and many more. My father-in law and mother in-law literally ran several factories in town and coined the phrase and title of El Paso as "Boot Capitol" of the World for our modest town and put El Paso on the map. Our "Champion", and CABOOTS brands specialty has been custom boots for the rich and famous, the rugged cowboys and moms and pops across the globe., www.periodboot.com. Then in about 2012, I decided it was time to branch out and offer quality comfort, traditional cowboy boot styling at affordable price points for everyone to enjoy in a stock boot with fun and flavor. We now offer, in addition to our custom brand, our Rancho Loco trademark. At Rancho Loco, we are not just an online store or someone's pet project. Here you can talk to someone who knows cowboy boots, knows leather, and knows fit. Welcome to well made handcrafted cowboy boots. The Real Deal! 

Priscilla Viescas Sanchez


4th Generation Family Brand in El Paso, Texas. The Gold Standard in Bootmaking.

We are located in the West Texas Town of El Paso.

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